01 December 2022

Please take the time to read these Terms & Conditions as they are important to the good running of the campsite and your wellbeing. Many thanks in advance.


1. General

1.1. By making an advance booking with Camping Skye, or entering the campsite you are agreeing to the specific terms and conditions noted below, and are agreeing to comply with any request made to you by any officer or employee of Strath Leisure Ltd. while you are on the site.


2. Advance Bookings

2.1. Camping Skye accepts advance bookings by telephone, email or via our website.

2.2. Advance bookings are not valid until you have received confirmation from us by email.

2.3. Advance bookings are made using the information that you provide. If, on arrival, this information is discovered to be incorrect we will try to accommodate you on-site but if this is not possible the booking will be deemed invalid.

2.4. All of our vehicle pitches are 3m wide and at least 9m long. We have a limited number of vehicle pitches that are 13m long. If your car + caravan unit is longer than 13m we may be able to accommodate you but additional charges may apply. If you do not give us an accurate length of your unit, we may not be able to accommodate you on arrival and your booking may be deemed invalid.

2.5. If your tent is larger than 3x3m and/or you have an additional gazebo or shelter, extra charges will apply.

2.6. Whenever an advance booking is deemed invalid, we will endeavour to help you make other arrangements, but this may not always be possible at busy times.

2.7. If any members of your party have restricted mobility (e.g. use a wheelchair) you must tell us at the time of making the booking. If you fail to tell us in advance of any such needs, we may not be able to accommodate you and your booking may be deemed invalid.

2.8. Vehicles are not allowed on tent terraces. There is a limited number of parking spaces on site. When booking a tent pitch, you must tell us if you are bringing a vehicle (including motorbikes).

2.9. The deadline for checking in on arrival is 7 pm. If you are running late please inform the duty warden by telephone.

2.10. The gates are closed at 10 pm. No vehicle access after this time.

2.11. Payment must be made in full at the time of booking for the advance booking to be valid.

2.12. Cancellation of an advance booking more than 15 days in advance of the arrival date will qualify for a full refund.

2.13. Cancellation of an advance booking between 7 and 15 days in advance of arrival will qualify for a 50% refund.

2.14. No refund will be made for the cancellation of an advance booking within 6 days of the arrival date.


3. Reception & Check-in

3.1. Reception is open from 8 am to 8 pm, and check-in is available from 2 pm to 7 pm.

3.2. Everybody must check in at reception before pitching, with or without advance bookings.

3.3. Pitches are allocated at reception. If you pitch without checking-in, you may be asked to leave.

3.4. Payment may be made by card or cash (GBP).


4. Pitching

4.1. Please note that pitch numbers issued at the time of bookings are subject to change.

4.2. Our pitches are numbered and clearly marked. You must use the pitch that you have been allocated at check-in.

4.3. If you set up on a pitch that was not allocated to you at check-in you will be asked to move.

4.4. Our pitches are spaced according to the “6-metre rule” for your comfort and safety. If your equipment encroaches onto adjacent pitches you will be asked to remove it.

4.5. Each vehicle pitch has a dedicated 16A 240V electrical socket which is numbered to match the pitch. It is forbidden to use a socket unless it has the same number as the pitch for which you have paid.

4.6. Each vehicle pitch has an adjacent hardstanding private awning/barbecue area.

4.7. Vehicles should not park on the grass at any time.

4.8. No tents allowed on motorhome or caravan pitches except for children (under 15) sleeping and storage. For additional adults sleeping you will need to book a separate tent pitch on one of our terraces.


5. Departure

5.1. Pitches must be vacated by 11 am on the day of departure.

5.2. Pitches must be left clean and tidy. Additional charges may apply for the removal of litter, waste, or any form of contamination that you leave on the site.

5.3. Vehicles cannot exit the site during quiet time (10 pm – 7 am).


6. Fire Safety

6.1. Barbecues must be purpose-built, portable, stand clear of the ground, be fuelled by gas or charcoal only.

6.2. Barbecues may be used only on the hardstandings adjacent to vehicle pitches and on the hardstandings at the camp cooking area.

6.3. Barbecues must not be used within 1m of any vegetation.

6.4. Campfires are only permitted at the campsite firepit. No portable firepits on the tent terraces.

6.5. Cooking on gas or spirit stoves is permitted on tent pitches but not within 1m of adjacent pitches or vegetation.

6.6. Any use of naked flames, other than for permitted cooking devices noted above, or for ignition of these devices, is strictly prohibited. This includes candles, sky lanterns, fireworks or any device which incorporates an open flame.

6.7. In the event of fire:
– if it is safe to do so, use the fire extinguishers that are located throughout the site to extinguish the fire.
– contact the warden or, if he/she is not immediately available, dial 999 and ask for the fire service.
– warn people in the vicinity of the fire hazard by shouting or, if inside a building, activate the nearest fire alarm (usually next to an exit).
– move everyone to the assembly point (see Campsite Map).

6.8. No fireworks allowed on the campsite.


7. Vehicle Safety

7.1. The maximum permitted speed for any vehicle on the site is 5mph.

7.2. Pedestrians have right of way on-site at all times.

7.3. Drivers must be constantly vigilant for the movement of pedestrians, especially children, and particularly when reversing vehicles.

7.4. No driving or parking on the grass. Verges, footpaths and private awning/barbecue areas are not designed to carry the weight of road vehicles. The drivers of vehicles that encroach onto these surfaces will be liable for the full cost of recovery of the vehicle (if required) and the full cost of restoring the surface to its original condition.


8. Respect for Other Customers

8.1. Smoking is prohibited inside all buildings on the site.

8.2. Smoking is prohibited within 5m of all buildings on the site.

8.3. If your tobacco smoke is encroaching onto a neighbouring pitch and causing discomfort to others you must stop smoking or move elsewhere to smoke.

8.4. Littering is strictly forbidden. This includes dropping cigarette ends which must be fully extinguished before being binned. Rubbish bins are located at the west end of the Service Building and at the recycling area near the entrance to the site.

8.5. Domestic pets are welcome but must be kept on a lead at all times and exercised off-site. Allowing pets to encroach onto other people’s pitches without invitation is prohibited.

8.6. With the exception of assistance dogs, animals are prohibited from entering any buildings on the site.

8.7. Animal waste must be bagged immediately after being dropped. There are designated animal waste bins by the entrance and by the facilities building.

8.8. Noise should be kept to a minimum at all times.

8.9. During Quiet Time (between 10 pm and 7 am) any unnecessary noise is strictly prohibited. This includes (but is not restricted to): playing music; raised voices; using any amplified device; moving vehicles; operating any noise-generating equipment; slamming vehicle doors.


9. Site Rules

9.1. Exchange, transfer or sub-letting of pitches is not permitted.

9.2. The maximum length of stay on site is 21 days.

9.3. The maximum length of time that a tent may be pitched is 7 days after which time it must be moved to a different location (to be agreed with the warden) in order for the grass to recover.

9.4. Sleeping in vehicles in the parking spaces allocated for tent users is not permitted except in emergencies (e.g. extreme weather) and with consent of the warden.

9.5. Trading, canvassing, or advertising on site is prohibited except by prior arrangement with the warden.

9.6. Leaving vehicles or tents unoccupied overnight is prohibited unless by prior arrangement with the warden.

9.7. Repair or servicing of vehicles on site is strictly prohibited, with the exception of essential repairs to allow a vehicle to be removed from the site.

9.8. Washing of vehicles on-site is prohibited, with the exception of cleaning that is essential for road safety (e.g. windscreens; headlights).

9.9. Any criminal activity taking place on the site, or any behaviour likely to result in criminal activity on the site, is prohibited and will be reported to the police. This includes anti-social behaviour, use of illegal drugs, and misuse of alcohol.

9.10. If you leave any portable items on-site that we judge to be valuable we will endeavour to contact you and arrange their delivery to you at your cost. If we are unable to contact you within one calendar month, or you refuse to pay for delivery costs, we will dispose of the items.

9.11. If you leave any portable items on-site that we judge to be of insignificant value we will immediately dispose of them.

9.12. You are responsible for paying the full cost of removal and storage of any vehicles or large items that you abandon on the site. Failure to pay these costs in full within 14 days of being requested to do so will result in the disposal of your property by auction or private sale in order to recover these costs.

9.13. Using the internet connection at the site for any purpose that is illegal is prohibited. Downloading pornographic material is prohibited. Breaching, or attempting to breach, the security of the equipment that provides the internet connection or any IT equipment on site is prohibited.

9.14. Electric vehicles must not be charged on the campsite. However, there is a charging point in the nearby public car park.


10. Liability

10.1. Camping Skye is not responsible for any loss or damage to the property of customers or any other visitor to the site including but not limited to: personal belongings; cash; financial transaction cards; electronic devices; jewellery; tents; motor vehicles.

10.2. Camping Skye’s financial liability in the event of our being unable to provide a customer with adequate service shall be limited to the return of monies received from the customer.

10.3 Entrance gates, reception and service bay are monitored 24h by CCTV.

Strath Leisure Ltd, Camping Skye.

 Download a PDF version of these Terms & Conditions (146kb).